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Focused workshops tailored to your business needs 

Designed to invigorate, energise and stimulate thinking that supports your business growth

In these challenging and turbulent times, businesses need to be far more nimble and able to respond and adapt to the ever changing needs of their clients, customers and workforce than ever before.

As a business leader you’ll need to keep your strategic growth plans front and center, continuing to understand how you can expand, evolve, improve and ultimately continue to grow and thrive during these challenging times. 

As your external partner we have the luxury of dedicated time to focus on your future growth. We’re not bogged down with fire-fighting, BAU and internal politics, enabling us to pull you out of the weeds and clear the path for growth. 

We can help to;
  • Get you out of your echo chamber and challenge your thinking
  • Show you different perspectives and points of view
  • Offer you richness and diversity of thought
  • Provide clarity and align teams on the real challenge or issue that you face
  • Give you the confidence you need to move at pace on the right decisions
Our personalised workshops, hosted by our specialists are tailored to you and your business needs. You lose ground when you stand still, so let’s get moving!

Prioritisation Workshop

Businesses often struggle to make decisions on what to tackle first and why. Two things usually happen;

  • Loudest person wins -  ideas get taken forward by force alone, without robust evidence or strategy to justify them
  • Prioritisation paralysis - nothing moves, as a result of having no way to make decisions across a complex portfolio of initiatives

What the workshop involves

The Freestyle Prioritisation Engine is designed to remove opinion and add science to your decision making process. The tool allows organisations to configure bespoke scoring criteria across impact and difficulty indicators. Each scoring criteria is weighted to ensure the most important criteria have the largest impact. Your initiatives are then scored against the criteria to deliver a clear set of prioritised initiatives to take forward.

The activity

  • Initiative population
  • One day workshop
    • Part 1: Tool configuration
    • Part 2: Initiative Scoring
  • Roadmap creation

Your outcome

A method for prioritising your strategic initiatives. The sophistication of our workflow means this can include specific solutions, tools and features, as well as broader customer needs and technology infrastructure.

What you can take away

  • A bespoke prioritisation model
  • A prioritised Initiative roadmap 

Problem framing workshop

85% of brands report languishing growth from their CX investments. What's causing this lack of return on investment in customer experience?

  • Focusing on the wrong things - investments are made in the wrong places
  • Too many assumptions - the problems, and the implications of addressing them, aren’t understood enough to make an informed decision

Problem framing:
What the workshop involves

Problem framing is designed to make sure you align on the most salient problem(s) or challenge(s) for your business and customers. We collaboratively interrogate the details and nuances behind the core area(s) you currently have in mind, then structure this in a digestible way.

The activity

  • One day workshop
    • Part 1: Problem framing
    • Part 2: Assumption mapping

Your outcome

After a day session with us, you will know what to focus on next to fill the gaps in your current knowledge to be able to prioritise and act to address the most salient problems and best opportunities for your business.

What you can take away

  • Interrogated focus areas
  • Assumption map

Ideation workshop

Generating game changing innovative solutions is hard. What’s standing between you and innovative ideas for solutions that deliver the value you need?

  • Operational barriers -  we discount ideas too early based on our knowledge of delivery, processes and capabilities today.
  • Time and focus - in focusing all our time on the day job and ensuring today’s solutions perform to the best of their ability, we rob ourselves of the time needed to identify new and innovative solutions

What the workshop involves

Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas for solutions to a problem or challenge. Our Ideation workshop aims to remove the barriers that often serve to stifle the creative process and deliver a large number of viable ideas in a short space of time. 

The activity

  • One day workshop
    • Part 1: Context immersion
    • Part 2: Ideation

Your outcome

After a day session with us, you will have a prioritised concept for greatest impact for your business, alongside sketches of the experience.

What you can take away

  • Ideas
  • Developed concepts
  • Prioritised concept to take forwards

“The perfect blend of dynamic exercises and practical activities, everyone feels included and engaged”

Oliver Bell, Commercial Director, CIMSPA

Get a feel for our dynamic and immersive workshop style by watching our short video.

Your workshop heroes

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Ritchie Brett
Strategy Director


Becki Hemming
UX Strategist

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Tom Downing
Technology Strategist

Your investment

Our workshops start at between £3,000 - 5,000 depending on your needs

This includes:
  • Workshop prep ahead of time
  • Workshop delivery by an experienced and inspiring facilitator
  • Workshop wrap up, tangible outputs and relevant documentation

You lose ground when you stand still. Let's get moving.

If you would like to discuss one of our workshops above, or even whether we can tailor something specific to your needs, drop your details into the form and one of our business directors will be in touch to arrange the best time to chat.